Accelerate Your Digital Transformation
Increase Digital Maturity to Create Growth Opportunities
The COVID-19 crisis has revealed cracks in the digital maturity of many organizations.
From the ability to access critical data in a secure way, to the ability of leaders to lead a distributed team — many challenges have come to fore.

Organizations have two options at this junction: do the bare minimum and hope that things return to “normal” quickly, or use this time to increase their digital capabilities and accelerate their digital transformation.

If you fall into the second group, being strategic about the underlying purpose and direction of your digital transformation is critical. Are you aiming to build organizational efficiency or to create the capability to sense and execute on market opportunities? Will you invest in areas that lag behind digital maturity or double down in areas of digital strength?

This is less about finding the “ideal” digital transformation strategy and rather, ensuring that your efforts align with your overall business transformation strategy.
How can Altimeter help?
The content can be delivered as a virtual keynote, workshop, or assessment and is based on Altimeter’s long-standing research on the state of digital transformation. It is based on our latest survey of 1,000 global organizations that examines how organizations shifted their digital transformation strategies in response to the coronavirus crisis.

We will cover the following topics:

  • How does digital transformation support higher-level business strategies and transformation efforts?
  • What are the key areas of digital transformation that will build digital capabilities to support different types of business transformation?
  • How does your organization stack up in its digital maturity?
  • Based on your current digital maturity and your business objectives, which digital transformation initiatives should you prioritize?
  • How do you prioritize initiatives in the context of the current crisis?
Assess your maturity
Digital maturity matters. Digital laggards focus on operations-enabling aspects of digital transformation. Digital leaders find strategic ways to grow in spite of COVID-19. What's your digital maturity? Take an online assessment of your digital maturity below.


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