Growing Brand, Demand and Resilience
Using Conversational Technologies
The COVID-19 crisis is accelerating the shift to digital, and straining existing systems and teams.
With long-term at-home as a prospect for much of the population, conversational digital technologies like chatbots and voice agents are more important than ever. But not all organizations are ready to use them effectively and responsibly.
How can Altimeter help?
Conversational technologies like chatbots and voice agents are a key enabler of digital transformation. They can absorb demand, deliver scalable services and aid in brand differentiation, especially in accelerated at-home digital adoption. Properly used, conversational technologies can support business resilience, showcase innovation and differentiate brands from their competitors.

Altimeter can assist by offering:

  • Strategy workshops, laying out trends, inspiration doses and use cases, and prioritizing best use case opportunities.
  • Strategic assessment of your capabilities based on use case objectives.
  • Conversational brand activation, including voice persona development, naming and roadmaps.
Is your organization well-positioned to deliver strategic, on-brand and trustworthy customer experiences using digital assistants? To find out, take our interactive assessment below.

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Altimeter, a Prophet company, provides independent research and strategy consulting on disruptive technology trends. Altimeter helps leaders thrive with disruptive technologies through our research and advisory work. Contact us to learn more about how Altimeter can help your organization grow in the face of change.
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