Digital Selling
Creating a More Productive & Resilient Salesforce
The art of selling is changing.
The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed gaps in the ability of sales teams to engage virtually with prospects and customers. The pandemic has only accelerated the digital transformation of sales. Prior to the pandemic, sales transformation was well under way, driven by savvy B2B buyers whose expectations for seamless digital engagement has been driven by e-commerce leaders like Amazon. Buyers’ changing expectations—coupled with the need for increasing sales team resilience to be more virtual—is pushing sales teams to adopt digital selling practices.
Our Point of View: What is "Digital Selling"?
Digital Selling is the use of technology-focused commerce practices to meet the needs of digitally savvy buyers and by sellers to seamlessly integrate the sales funnel across marketing, sales and service. 

Just as marketing has transformed into a technology and analytics-led discipline, the digital transformation of sales is underway to position sales as an equal digital partner.

Our annual State of Digital Selling global research report anchors our point of view. We believe that a set of core capabilities are needed to support digital selling excellence. Those capabilities are surveyed annually and measured to compare industry averages against top sales performers. It’s the relative importance of each capability that helps us prioritize short-term project sprints vs. long-term strategy for our clients. 
How can Altimeter help?
We’ll apply our research to your unique situation to benchmark your digital selling capabilities to identify and prioritize key capabilities to improve. By comparing your capabilities to those of top digital sellers for your industry, we’ll help you both identify short-term gaps to address today as well as create a strategic digital selling capability roadmap. The process involves interviews with key stakeholders in marketing, sales, operations, IT and service teams.

Altimeter can assist by offering:

  • Workshops. Spark engaging discussions with key stakeholders in marketing, sales and service to identify digital selling opportunities and build alignment around a shared vision and plan. We use group exercises that engage participants to draw out ideas that best fit your organization.
  • Strategy Projects. Altimeter will work with you to create a strategy and plan to help your organization transform.
  • Speaking. Our analysts are available to present digital selling concepts to teams and leadership to support your efforts to educate, build a case and align the organization. Our presentations are customized to your unique challenges and industry. They are a great way to start the digital selling discussion in organizations struggling with the concept and where to start transformation.
  • Assessments. Using our best practices research, we can assess your current digital selling maturity against similarly sized organizations and industries to set a baseline for improvement.

Our digital selling benchmark assessment can help you discover which digital selling capabilities offer the best opportunities for impact.


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