Leveraging Employee Advocacy
To Build Brand Trust
As COVID-19 updates flood our newsfeeds, the voice of employees can offer reassurance and build trust with customers.
The use of employees to advocate on behalf of a brand is nothing new, but a combination of forces and growing comfort with social media has created a tipping point for the adoption of Employee Advocacy programs in support of brand health, sales and service.

Employees are often under-utilized brand advocates, which is a lost opportunity; research consistently shows that consumers trust them more than executives and marketing departments. Employee advocacy platforms are a great way to keep employees and their networks informed and engaged with your brand.
How can Altimeter help?
We work with clients to assess their readiness for Employee Advocacy, and to build a strategy informed by research-backed insights.

Altimeter can assist by offering:

  • Baseline Capabilities Assessment. Assess your readiness for employee advocacy by assessing key capabilities needed for this practice based on our research-based maturity model.
  • Strategic Planning. Through a collaborative workshop among key stakeholders in digital, communications, marketing, sales, service, legal and human resources, develop a strategy roadmap that includes both quick sprints (”low hanging fruit”) as well as longer term initiatives.
  • Rollout. Assist with rollout planning, including employee training, tool assessments, and ongoing monitoring and governance of employee activity and effectiveness.Conversational brand activation, including voice persona development, naming and roadmaps.

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