Leading in Disruptive Times
How to Extend Your Leadership Through Digital
Digital technologies have revolutionized relationships — and leadership is no exception
To be truly engaged, effective leaders must harness the power of digital communications and branding, rather than remain on the sidelines, frozen by fear and the unknown. This is all the more important in today’s environment where leaders must utilize every tool available to them, including digital channels, to connect with customers, employees, partners, and the community.

The key is understanding how your personal leadership style can be extended and scaled through digital techniques to achieve your most important goals. You’ll learn the art and science of how to listen, share, and engage with employees and customers in the digital era. We’ll also discuss common objections and concerns of leaders – and how to address them.
How can Altimeter help?
This can be delivered as a virtual keynote or workshop and is based on the New York Times bestseller Open Leadership and the bestseller The Engaged Leader. The content has been updated and enhanced with current research and best practices on how leaders have adapted in the face of the coronavirus crisis.

You will learn how to:

  • Master a new way of developing relationships, which begins by stepping out of traditional hierarchies.
  • Develop a “remote first” mindset that creates a more agile, flexible, and responsive organization
  • Embrace openness in creating transparency and accountability
  • Apply the right digital tools to meet your strategic and leadership goals

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