Creating a Customer-First Web Experience
Although customers now interact with brands across many channels and devices, the brand website arguably has the biggest impact on the overall customer experience. This is because the website, (with the exception of maybe the mobile app,) is the only digital channel that can perform all three customer-facing functions of sales, service and marketing. It is also the first place a customer might encounter a brand, either through a serendipitous Google search result, or a targeted ad campaign.

As a result, any brand that is hoping to compete on the basis of customer-experience can’t afford to have a sub-standard web experience. And a sub-standard web experience is one that is company-first, instead of customer-first.

In this report, we’ve identified the five characteristics of a customer-first web experience. These defining features go beyond the usual elements of being mobile-optimized and visually appealing, which by now, should be table-stakes for modern websites. The characteristics we’ve identified meet the modern expectations of the digital customer experience. They are a product of the right people, processes and technology, and most importantly the right mindset. After all, a customer-first website can only be built by a customer-first company.

Reading this report will help you identify where your company can improve in its efforts to design customer-centric web experiences, and the specific elements you need to make it happen. By following the initiatives outlined in the report, your company will not only deliver a great web experience, it will have set itself up for delivering the optimal customer experience across all digital touch points.

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