The Customer Experience Cloud

How To Unify The Organization Around A Seamless Customer Experience

Today’s customers demand to be recognized as the same unique individuals across every channel, whether online or offline. They don’t care about which part of the company they are dealing with, to them, there’s only one brand. Yet, companies continue to give customers a disconnected experience, with sales, service and marketing each working to engage the audience on their own, without coordinating their efforts. It makes customers frustrated, disengaged and disloyal. In a survey, 89% of customers said they had switched brands due to a bad customer experience.

Till now, most companies have been driving these unification efforts within the marketing department, who are seen as natural custodians of the customer experience. But to truly deliver a seamless customer experience across all touch points, companies can extend these efforts across sales and service departments as well. Hence, technology strategies will evolve from building a “marketing cloud” to building a “customer experience cloud.”

This report outlines the essential components of the technology and teams needed to build a customer experience cloud, as well as the crucial steps companies can take to get started. It also has a guide to choosing the right technology, and an overview of the major technology vendors who can help companies deliver on this vision.
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Industry Analyst
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