The Payer Edition: The State of Consumer-Centricity

By Scott Davis, Chief Growth Officer and Jeff Gourdji, Partner Healthcare at Prophet
Consumers want to be treated as powerful participants in their own health in partnership with healthcare organizations. They need to be empowered, engaged, equipped and enabled.

To understand how healthcare organizations can better serve the new “e-consumer” we conducted in-depth research – both interviews and a robust quantitative survey – with healthcare leaders at organizations around the world, including large hospital systems, payers, and pharmaceutical, medical device and digital health companies such as Novartis, Pfizer, Mayo Clinic, AIA, Aetna and more. Our discussions uncovered five shifts that organizations have begun to make to become more consumer-centric.

Our research revealed that not enough organizations have begun to make these shifts, and those who have started, haven’t made significant progress. In fact, less than 15 percent have made full progression on any of these necessary changes, revealing a massive opportunity for improvement.

In our research, we uncovered four ways payers can accelerate their transformation:

  • Openness to digital health partnerships
  • Measuring what matters
  • Bringing consumerist leaders to lead the change
  • Building a consumer-obsessed insights team
Download our latest research to learn more about the state of consumerism for payers and how to apply the five shifts to become more consumer-centric.

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Making all five shifts will not happen overnight. It will take dedicated effort, investment and time. Speak to someone on our healthcare team for an assessment of where to begin on your journey towards consumer-centricity. Let’s connect.
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