How to Leverage Social Identity
Know and Engage Customers Better and Build More Valuable Relationships
Modern marketers face an increasingly necessary yet difficult task to deliver contextually relevant messages and experiences to prospects and customers. This is challenging in part because search, social media, and mobile devices have empowered consumers and fragmented the customer journey. Consumers complete more of the decision process before interacting with the brand and increasingly expect relevant experiences when they do. Meanwhile most marketers have limited context about who their prospects and customers are and what they care about.

This report explains how insights can be gleaned from social media to: 1) Identify and better understand prospects and customers throughout the customer lifecycle, and 2) Deliver targeted, personalized messages and experiences to them across channels. It discusses why this data can inform marketers beyond the transactional history most rely on today and the increased value it can provide the business. Finally, this report explains how to collect and integrate relevant social data, as well as how to address challenges, including privacy.

Report Findings

Social Identity can be used to deliver targeted, personalized messages and experiences across channels. This increased relevance throughout the customer life cycle can drive meaningful business results and help inform customer relationships beyond just historical transactions. Brands should evaluate which Social Identity elements can provide the most value and then weigh the investment against potential gains.

Data collection and integration are processes, not one-time procedures, and investment can be made to varying degrees. Brands should act now, though, as Social Identity provides a competitive edge that will ultimately become a standard element of customer identity.

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