Social Business Goverance
A Framework to Execute Social Business Strategy
Achieving momentum for a social business strategy for many organizations is challenging enough, but execution is often fraught with unanswered questions:
  • Who owns social?
  • How are key decisions made?
  • How do we organize to execute social?
Left unanswered, organizations face significant risks, including threats to brand health as the result of inappropriate or disjoint social practices. Hidden between great strategic ideas and business results lies the messy mechanics of governance, which according to our research only 16% of organizations feel is well understood and deployed.

Strategy and governance are natural partners: Strategy lays the groundwork for new opportunities while governance ensures safe execution, managing the risk of change.

In this report, we define a social business governance system of 4 P’s: people, policies, processes, and practices. We use that framework to provide a maturity model to assess where you are, and we include best practices, policy templates, and a decision-making matrix that you can use to define Social Business Governance (SBG) that will help you both achieve the potential of your strategy and manage risk.

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